Father Abraham Had Many Sons

Sermon given at LakeView Church 7/7/19. As a movement, Christianity has been unstoppable the past 2,000 years. But, its beginning goes back further than the Book of Acts. Our faith actually began about 4,000 years ago with a promise God made to a man named Abram. This is that story.

Worthy of Disgrace

Sermon given at LakeView Church 6/23/19. As we turn to Acts 5:17-42 and see how the apostles were treated by the religious leaders of the day, we ask why anyone would want to suffer for Jesus. But, as this passage reveals, we discover that Jesus is worth it!

A Prayer-and-Share Church

Sermon given at LakeView Church 6/9/19. What should we do when we’re faced with a challenge or problem in life that threatens our ability to follow Jesus? Acts 4:23-31 shows us what the first Christians did when they experienced this, and we can learn from their example how to pray Kingdom-prayers and have the victory.

Signs of Life

Sermon given at LakeView Church on 6/2/19 How do you know if you’re growing as a disciple, or making any progress following Jesus? Galatians 5:22-23 teaches us that the fruit of the Spirit is a sign of life and growth as a follower of Jesus.