Going to Work with Dad

Yesterday was Easter Sunday, a day I like to think of as the church’s Super Bowl Sunday!  Easter is a chance to pull all stops, worship with abandon, proclaim and celebrate the Gospel before many unbelievers who are there.  I love Easter, it’s my favorite worship service of the year.

This year’s Easter service was especially fun for me.  It was my first Easter with Pontiac Bible Church (PBC).  Our auditorium seats about 215 or so (I’m guestimating).  Every week we have two services, which are mostly full up.  Knowing that Easter brings people out of the woodwork to come worship, PBC meets for Easter at the Pontiac Township High School auditorium.  A theater that seats 925 people meets a huge stage, a sweet lighting system, and a sophisticated audio system (I tried not to covet their sweet Yamaha digital mixer).

We had over 700 people come out to worship with us yesterday!  The kids helped lead the congregation in celebrating the story of Jesus, Pastor Brian delivered the Gospel message, and people responded.  At this point, we know of at least a dozen people who accepted the invitation to repent and receive Jesus Christ, and came to speak with Pastor Brian after the service was over.  There were others who stood to indicate they’d made a decision to follow Jesus, but didn’t get back to see Pastor Brian at the end of the service.  All in all, it was a good day!

We had multiple teams of servants working hard to make the Easter service happen.  Everything from breakfast to nursery, music to lighting and staging was covered.  A big thanks goes out to every volunteer who gave their time and talent this weekend!  Thanks also to those who labored in prayer and to those who invited friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers.

As the teams of volunteers worked this weekend, it stood out to me that God is really the one who does the work.  We are the tools He uses to accomplish His work and His will in this world.  On Sunday, our role was simply to allow God to use us, to work through us, to reach people with the Gospel.  What a privilege to be used by God!

To borrow an analogy from one of my favorite pastors, Mark Driscoll, this is kind of like going to work with your dad.  God is our Father, and He takes us to work with Him by using us to do the work of the ministry.  God invites us to participate with Him in seeking and saving those who are lost like a dad who brings his son or daughter to work with him.  I love working with my heavenly Dad, and eagerly look forward to every opportunity He brings me along to.

Thanks, Father, for bringing me along with You to work in Your Kingdom!