Ready for the Elections?

The presidential election is coming fast… Tuesday, November 6! Are you ready? I’m not! As I was thinking about this, I found myself asking, “What does the Bible say about governments, rulers, citizens, voting, etc?” Well, I pulled up my handy-dandy Logos Bible Study Software and, behold! they had a ready-made Bible reading plan called 21 Days on Government and Citizenship.

So, here’s my thought, let’s read it together! I’m going to start on Friday, September 14, and try to post a reflection on the reading for each day. Now, the reason I say I’m going to try to post a reflection is because I have a 2-year old and a 2-month old… enough said!

Anywho, I’d love for you to read this plan with me and share your own reflections on my blog via the comments.  (Hint: to get the plan as a pdf, click the link above.)