Four Questions for the Bible

We all know we should read the Bible. Heck, sometimes I even want to read the Bible! Actually, I enjoy reading God’s Word, but I often struggle with it. It’s really long. There’s a lot of words in there that I don’t know the meaning of. Paul writes really, really, really, really long sentences that can be hard to follow!

God never promised that reading His letter to us would be a breeze. But He does promise to reveal Himself through His Word. Here are four questions I try to ask myself when I do my daily reading. Oh, by the way, it helps if you write the answers in a journal (not a diary – that’s girly).

(1) What does this reveal about God? The Bible is first and foremost God’s self-revelation to humanity. I hear people call the Bible a “roadmap to life.” While the Bible does contain a lot of truth about you and your life, it is not really about you or your life! It’s about God and His plan to save the world. So, the first question to ask every time you read the Bible is: What does this reveal about God?

(2) What does this reveal about the world? The Bible reveals God. It also reveals truth about the world. For instance, the Bible reveals the origin of sin and shows us how the world got so jacked up. When you read, look for truth about the world, the condition of humanity, etc.

(3) What does this reveal about me? As you work through a passage, start big and gradually get more specific: God, the world, you. Discovering truth about God and the world should spark questions about your own heart and mind. For instance, Jesus said the harvest is plenty, but the workers are few, and commanded His followers to pray that God would send out workers to reap a harvest (Luke 10:2). This shows us (1) that God desires people to be saved, and (2) the world is ripe for a spiritual harvest. This should cause you to ask questions about yourself like: Am I working to reap a harvest for Jesus?

(4) What does this reveal about God’s will for me? In other words, what is God calling you to change as a result of reading this passage? What is going to be different in you?

Happy reading!