Questions About the Last Things?

On the last worship service of the year, I’m preaching about the “last things,” the end times, or what my seminary profs call eschatology.  Eschatology is a big fancy 8-cylinder word for “the study of last things.”  I’ve been reading through the Book of Revelation and trying to get my head around all the really weird things John says in that apocalyptic work!  My sermon will *probably* come from Revelation 21-22.

I want it to be interesting and applicable to your life, so I need some help from you.  What questions do you have about the last things?  What questions do you have about Heaven and/or Hell?  What questions do you have about judgment or the Battle of Armageddon, or the 1,000-year reign of Christ?  In other words, what questions do you have about eschatology?

I could do a bunch of research and present a great sermon positing answers to all sorts of questions, but if they’re not the questions you are asking, then it’s not going to help you see more clearly or make an impact in your life.  So, please, post your questions below as comments to this blog post.  I can’t promise that all of them will get answered, but it will certainly help me preach a more interesting, relevant, and applicable sermon!