Heaven is REALLY BIG

Revelation 21:16 gives us a glimpse of just how big Heaven is.  In this passage, John is getting a vision of the Holy Garden-City that is literally Heaven coming down to Earth.  The city is a big square and an angel tells John to measure the length.  It turns out to be 12,000 stadia, which converts to about 1,400 miles per side…

Wait a minute.  1,400 miles per side?  That’s almost 2,000,000 square miles!  That’s over half the size of the US!  Imagine a single city that is over half as big as our entire country.  Holy City!

So how many people will fit in this city?  Well, Chicago has a population density of just under 12,000 people per square mile.  If we go with that, we’re looking at room for 23.5 billion people.  There are currently 6.9 billion people in the world.

Considering that not everyone who’s live will be in Heaven (sadly), there’s going to be a lot of room for those of us who are to roam.  Will you be there?  I hope so!

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