10 Tips for Effective PowerPoints

I do a lot of the graphic design work for our church, including designing the media for the sermons.  Here are some tips on effective use of PowerPoint – for a sermon or any presentation.

  1. Don’t load up too much text on a single slide.  Slides clutter quickly.
  2. Try not to cover up design elements with text or pictures.  Obviously, if you’re using a boring monochrome (one-color) background, then this doesn’t apply!
  3. Remember the KISS principle: Keep It Simple (Stupid).
  4.  If you use direct quotes, put them in your presentation – helps the listeners follow as you read the quote.
  5. If your media has been designed, remember that the media has been designed.  Try to design your slides to complement, not compete with, the design of the media.
  6. Keep it simple…
  7. Use font size and style to show us what needs to stand out.
  8. That being said, if you do resize text, try to be as consistent as possible throughout the presentation.  All scriptures should have the same size font, all bullet points should be the same size, etc.
  9. A picture is worth 1,000 words.
  10. Did I mention keep it simple?  Less is more!