The more I read and learn and experience, the more I’m convinced that we have a leadership crisis. No, I’m not trashing the President, or Congress for that matter. I’m talking about people in general. Very few people want to lead, and even fewer are learning how to lead. This lack of leadership is killing families, churches and schools. It seems the best leaders go into business. The worst into politics (haha – jk, I won’t make this a political blog!).

Men in general are casting off their leadership responsibilities. They don’t want to grow up. They’d rather play video games all day, leading imaginary teams of soldiers into imaginary battles than step into reality and lead their wives and families. Not surprisingly, many women are picking up the slack and showing themselves to be gifted leaders, not just in the home but in the workplace as well. Unfortunately for the family, these women often end up being “mom” to an extra child who happens to wear their wedding ring. But wives don’t need an extra child who drinks beer and plays video games, they could really use a man, a husband, to step up and pull his weight around the home.

Pastors often avoid leading because they’ve been ill-equipped to lead, and quite frankly many don’t care to lead. They’d rather study for a sermon or pray for a sick person than take a bold step of faith and chart a course for the future of their church. While these things are important, what pastors need to remember is that our job is as much about leading the saints to do the work of the ministry as it is about us doing the work of the ministry. If all we do is visit sick people, and we never train, equip or lead the Christians in our churches to visit the sick, then we’ve missed a big part of our job.

Pastors are often referred to as shepherds, and the church is a flock. Sure, a shepherd cares for the hurting in his flock, but he also leads the flock from one place to the next. Churches need pastors to lead and guide and focus our energy, time, resources and manpower so that not only do we grow spiritually, but we also make an impact on society around us. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually change something for the better in your community?

It’s no different in schools, businesses, even social circles where leadership is informal. Every sphere of society is hurting for leadership, and that means every sphere of society is struggling, not achieving what it should be, maybe even crumbling around us. In the absence of leadership, someone will take the reigns. That person may be a lousy leader or even a sinister one.

What I’m challenging you to do, as a Christian, is pray about where God wants you to lead. We’ve all been tasked with leading others to Christ. That’s a start. Some of us have families. There’s our first leadership zone. Go home and lead your family closer to Jesus.