Beat the Bushes

mark-series-titleNo, I don’t mean go find W. or his dad and turn them over your knee! Easter is just over a week away. This is the church’s “super bowl” – the single largest and most exciting worship event of the year. It’s the Sunday we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, unarguably the greatest event in the history of mankind!

Every year at PBC we rent the high school auditorium for Easter. Our worship center only seats about 250, while the high school seats roughly 900. The last couple of years we’ve almost filled the place, and this year our goal is to overflow! It reminds me of an old hymn, O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing. Our goal is for a thousand tongues to sing our great Redeemer’s praise! We want to proclaim the gospel to 1,000 people this Easter and we need to work together to do that! Go “beat the bushes” and invite everyone you can – friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, even your boss!

We’ll be examining the evidence of the resurrection, investigating the scene and asking the question, Who Is This Man? Since we want to overflow the auditorium, we’re trying to get a rough estimate of a headcount. If you haven’t RSVP’d for Easter Sunday, you can RSVP here