iWork: Wisdom Works, But Laziness Is Foolish

Our church, Pontiac Bible Church, is currently in an interim without a lead pastor (Pastor Brian Bill resigned last Spring).  During this in between stage, I’ve had the honor of teaching God’s Word a number of times.  Most recently, I’ve been teaching from the book of Proverbs in a sermon series called iLife: Discover intentional Living.

The sermon I wanted to share here is from Nov 10, 2013, and touches on the topic of work.  Work is not something we’re forced to do as punishment for our sin.  Rather, work is part of  God’s design for life, and since we spend about 50% of our lives working (school, volunteering, paid jobs, raising a family, etc), I thought it would be prudent to see what Proverbs teaches on this subject.  I hope you find this beneficial!

iWork sermon audio