For the Glory of Christ and the Common Good

Well, it’s been a while since my last post… But anyway.  I was honored to preach at my church on Father’s Day.  We were nearing the end of a series on the vision of the church, and I was given the subject of contributing our talents.  After selecting and studying 1 Corinthians 12:1-7, I came to the conclusion that God gives us spiritual gifts to be used for the glory of Christ and the common good.  Here’s the message – hope it helps you find your opportunity to serve!

One of the things I said in the message that may be a little controversial is that I do not believe the 19 spiritual gifts listed in the New Testament are the only spiritual gifts, but rather are examples of spiritual gifts that were being given in those days.  Even though the Bible never says the gifts listed in the New Testament are the only “spiritual” gifts, many people would disagree with my interpretation.  In fact, every single “spiritual gifts assessment” I’ve seen works to try and figure out which of the 19 gifts you have, as though those are the only 19 “spiritual” gifts.  It always irked me, a musician, that music is nowhere included in any spiritual gifts test.  Yet, I know without doubt that any amount of musical ability I have is a gift from God, and that when I use my musical gifts for the glory of Christ and the common good they are being empowered by the Holy Spirit (I can feel his presence when I lead worship).  So, a gift from God empowered by the Holy Spirit, but not included on the list of 19… I’d say it’s a spiritual gift.

What do you think?