Stand Firm in the Lord

When I came on staff at Bethel Assembly of God ten years ago I would never have imagined myself preaching.  It simply wasn’t an option on my radar screen.  Now, ten years later, as a seminary student at Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago, and as associate pastor at Pontiac Bible Church, I’ve had a number of “reps” in the pulpit.  I especially had opportunities over the year we spent searching for and hiring our new lead pastor.  And, much to my own surprise, I’ve grown to enjoy preaching.  I’ve always loved the in-depth Bible study that goes with sermon prep, and the study skills I’m gaining in seminary have opened an incredible new world of truth and meaning in God’s Word.  But I’ve also come to enjoy imparting some of that truth to a church family that I have the responsibility to love and care for and encourage and lead.

This past Sunday, August 31, I had the honor of preaching from Philippians 4:1-9.  This amazing passage of Scripture filled my life for a couple weeks as I studied, and then I hope came out in a way that was honoring to God and beneficial to the church.  If you take the time to listen, I hope you’ll find it helpful in your journey with our matchless King, Jesus Christ.