Defined by Generosity

Studies show the wealthier a person gets, the less generous they become.  Someone who makes $20K or less is 8x more likely to give to their church than someone who makes $75K or more.  American Christians give less per capita today than during the Great Depression.  If the American Church would simply tithe one year, we’d have an additional $165 billion to distribute and use for ministry!  In this sermon, we look at a paragraph from Paul’s second letter to the Corinthian church–a church that was abundantly gifted, but kinda stingy.  Paul taught the Corinthians (and by extension, us) why it’s important to be defined by generosity.  Is your life defined by generosity?

Sermon delivered at Pontiac Bible Church on 2/19/2017.

How to Cultivate Contentment

The average American throws away more stuff in a year than most of the rest of the people in the world will own in their entire lifetime. Yet, we don’t feel like we have enough. In this message, we take a biblical perspective on contentment and examine five ways to cultivate contentment. Those five ways are:

1. Count your blessings.

2. Stop comparing and start celebrating.

3. Tell yourself no. Tell God yes.

4. Trust God because he is good.

5. Be satisfied with Jesus.